Daldot LLC 

Ashley co-founded Daldot LLC with her partner, Myles Ingram, in 2018. Daldot started as a company that aimed to study the composition of interstitial fluid (ISF), a biological fluid that lives right beneath our skin and transports nutrients and other important biological analytes from capillaries around the body. Daldot was one of few teams around the world to obtain ISF samples and further, to study the full metabolic composition of ISF. Daldot's aim was to detect what molecules were in ISF, to detect what concentration levels they averaged in ISF, and to learn how food and metabolic changes impacted these levels. To conduct this preliminary study, Daldot raised $50,000 USD.


In 2019, following this preliminary study, a scientific board with expertise around aptamers (short, single-stranded DNA/RNA that can bind to a specific molecule), aptamer based electrochemical (EAB) sensors, and epidemiology was recruited. The goal was to develop a wearable patch that could extract small amounts of ISF continuously, detect and measure target molecules, and report concentration levels and diagnostic information back to software. Daldot worked with professors at Columbia University to develop aptamers that targeted our markers and John Hopkins to test the E-AB sensing platform.


Commercially, Daldot's work was pursued to develop commercially available wearable patches that could extract small amounts of ISF, detect target markers, and report levels of deterioration in patients who were initially septic to prevent severe sepsis, septic shock, and any associated clinical damage. Earlier recognition of deterioration enables clinicians to administer faster antibiotics, fluids, and ICU transfers for septic patients, decreasing overall costs, organ damage rates, and septic deaths.


In late 2021, Daldot was acquired by Nutromics. Statement below.


Nutromics Completes Acquisition of Daldot

August 10th, 2021


Nutromics is an Australian MedTech company poised to revolutionize healthcare through Continuous Molecular Monitoring (CMM). The company is developing a very innovative technology which, put simply, is a molecular sensor that can track drugs, metabolites, hormones, and proteins continuously and in real time (just like Continuous Glucose Monitors do with glucose). The holy grail in biosensing has always been a platform technology with capabilities to monitor any target continuously and in real time. We’ve all seen the enormous impact Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) are having in the diabetic market. Nutromics’ CMM biosensor platform is the next evolution of CGM technology and will solve some of the biggest healthcare challenges we face today in the fields of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, chronic disease prevention, chronic disease management and acute diseases.


Daldot s a U.S. based company that is developing wearable technology that has the ability to monitor diagnostic and prognostic markers of disease, along with different drugs, with high-frequency and in real-time. This enables clinicians to make better and more timely treatment decisions. Additionally, Daldot’s technology aims to enable patients of different diseases, such as sepsis, to monitor their health from home or in outpatient settings.

Combination to Quicken Innovation 

After initial introductions, both companies found that they had a strong alignment in their mission and objectives for change in healthcare and discussions soon began on how the companies could work together effectively to help solve some of the biggest challenges in healthcare. Daldot’s research was a natural fit for Nutromics’ technology and the purchase of Daldot’s key assets will help Nutromics in furthering the understanding of interstitial fluid, its composition and as a biofluid of interest for its technology. As part of the purchase, both of Daldot’s founders will advise Nutromics on the innovative research undertaken by Daldot and transfer critical expertise and know-how to Nutromics.

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