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Low Risk, High Uncertainty

Ashley is a problem-focused and moat-based businesswoman who believes in companies that aim to solve problems from a low risk, yet highly uncertain position; high uncertainty invites highly competitive opportunities to emerge without high risk. Ashley is allocating a portion of her funds in 2022 to invest in low risk research and/or development that has potential to solve important problems. These projects, if successful, are designed to produce results that can be translated into commercial products and/or services. Below is list of projects that will be pursued in 2022; the list is updated as new projects are added. If you have a project that you believe fits this portfolio of projects, please contact Ashley -

I. Using Data Science to Detect Blood Composition and Quantification

Not a single individual goes through life without receiving blood-work. The current state-of-the-art for processing blood samples are labor-intensive, costly and time consuming. This project aims to use a combination of technology and data science techniques to reduce the amount of labor needed to process samples, cut the costs of sample processing by over 50%, and to reduce sample processing time to 5-30 minutes. The high uncertainty factor in this project is evident; identifying and quantifying molecular composition of blood requires expensive machinery and reagents. Eliminating the need for reagents is no small task for any target molecule, let alone an entire panel or portfolio of them. The opportunity in this project is also evident; if a proof-of-concept is achieved, processing of biological samples would become less labor-intensive, more economically accessible, and less time consuming, which are all desired societal outcomes.


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